Real Estate Closing and Escrow Services

Our experienced closing teams are knowledgeable, precise and efficient. We handle all of the details -coordinating title services, calculating buyer and seller fees, prorating taxes & insurance and many other details involved in a transaction, so you don't have to worry about a thing. 


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Title Insurance

Title Insurance is protection against loss of the insured interest in the property if a covered defect is found in
the title. Title insurance is offered by all affiliated offices for North Dakota & Minnesota properties and plays
a vital role in residential and commercial transactions.


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Owners & Encumbrance Reports

An O & E Report shows the record title owner and encumbrances to a specific tract of land. This report is not intended to be an attorney’s opinion. Sometimes it is also referred to as a Title Memorandum or Report of Title. Information is limited as to what is shown as unsatisfied mortgages, judgments, tax liens and taxes of record.


The Title Team will prepare customized searches according to your specifications.


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The Residential Limited Loan Coverage Policy is used for Home Equity loans. The mortgage for which the policy is insuring must be recorded before the Limited Loan Coverage Policy is issued and is limited as to what is shown as unsatisfied mortgages, judgments, tax liens and taxes of record.


If a Limited Loan Coverage Policy is being requested for the first time, please contact our office for all limitations and procedures.


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Abstracting Services

An Abstract is a condensed history of the property and includes all of the recorded transactions affecting
the property. The purpose of an abstract is to give the examiner the condition of title to the property as it appears of record.


An abstract contains information such as: the current and prior owners of the property, mortgages against the property, satisfactions of prior mortgages, easements and rights-of-way across the property, bankruptcy matters and more.

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1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Closing Services - ​Residential and Commercial

The tax deferred exchange is a valuable investment tool for maintaining continuity of investment dollars while affording investors the opportunity to consolidate, expand or diversify their portfolio of properties without recognizing capital gains taxes or depreciation recapture. We will coordinate, close and hold funds on a 1031 tax deferred exchange.

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For Real Estate Closing and Escrow Department Scheduling contact:


Statewide Commercial Service Department

Drew Engelman


South Central & Southwest North Dakota

Jessica Holcomb


North Central North Dakota

Laura Phillips


Northwest North Dakota

Cassandra Kalal


Southeast North Dakota

Rebecca Holmen


Northeast North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota

Aaron Rosten


Central Minnesota

Jo Zweerink or Sue Erickson 


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